Saturday, December 11, 2010


PixelReason reader John requested the Ghostbusters. With this piece, I wanted to give the Ghostbusters a more "realistic" and slightly darker feel. I guess you could call it more modern. But at the sametime, stay absolutely true to the characters.  I have to admit that this piece brought back alot of great memories. So I tried to include all the memorable things from the Ghostbusters (go Ecto-1!).

Wallpapers are up!
If you want to request a certain size to fit your specific cellphone/computer/portable llama, put it in the comments below and I'll resize the wallpaper to fit your needs!

UPDATE: Behind the Scenes is up!
Behind the Scenes : Ghostbusters!

1280x800 Wallpaper (14inch monitor)

800x960 Wallpaper- Cellphone
 (compatible with HTC Evo)

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