Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Giveaway: Green Lantern brings the Android Invasion

The time is here! I'm giving away some original art!

Here's how it works:
The original PixelReason reader who requested the idea gets the first chance at claiming dibs on the original artwork. If he/she claims it within the alloted time, they get it!

Within a very few amount of days, if I haven't heard back, it will be first come first get! (The first person to comment on this post will get the original art)

*Update: Well that was fast. Just as fast as this post went up, PixelReason reader BlazingWolf managed to claim the piece! So there you have it. The first reader inspired art has been given away! Congratulations BlazingWolf! The next steps to having this piece will be sent to you very soon!


  1. Donation sent. :)

  2. Posted this at PPCGeeks but wanted to put it on your site also. :) I would like to see what you can come up with for my screen name. My screen name represents 2 thigs that I like. Wolves and fire fighting(I am a career fire fighter). Thanks for what you are doing. :D

  3. Received the artwork today in the mail. :) Like it a lot. Thanks.