Monday, February 20, 2012

SNSD Girls' Generation Yuri

Girls' Generation - SNSD's Yuri Kwon

This is Girls Generation- SNSD's Yuri Kwon (aka Black Pearl)

Yul (Yuri's Nickname) is amazing at dance and well known for having one of the most athletic (but still very feminine) figures in SNSD. (Watch the videos in this post for proof!) She is very strong, but also very funny. Which is probably why she's so loved by SONES.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PixelReason Channel: SNSD Girls' Generation Taeyeon Drawing

By very popular request, here's a drawing of the beloved "kid leader" of SNSD (Girls' Generation): Kim Taeyeon ! (aka Taengoo, aka Ajumma Taeng, aka Jumma Taeng, aka TaeTae)
("Ajumma" means Old Lady (but not quite a grandma) in Korean. And people have nicknamed her an "Ajumma" because she reacts to things and laughs like old korean ladies do)

This piece was drawn with the same #2 pencil that I found and used for my Jessica Jung video. The paper is basic sketch paper that I bought at Office Depot.