Monday, December 13, 2010

Droid does Graffiti : Concrete Variant

This piece got a huge amount of positive feedback from you guys, so here's a new version of "Droid does Graffiti" with a concrete background treatment. This version is available in the same requested sizes as the original (960x800). It's compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S cellphones. If you would like other sizes to fit your laptops, desktops, or cellphone wallpapers, let me know and it will be done!

*Update: By request: new size has been added for a tablet wallpaper!

1024x600 - Android Tablet Wallpaper


  1. Wow man the concrete variant is SICK!!!! This thing is going on my Galaxy PRONTO!

  2. Could you draw a picture of a girl playing bass guitar ?? Pencil on white background would be awesome! Thanks :-) jak