Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wolverine vs Sentinels

(Click on picture for a larger view)
Wolverine is always fun to draw. Here he is with some Sentinels. Looks like they had an argument. Wolverine won.

Done on 9x12 sketch paper with a Pilot Precise v7 (fine tip) Rolling Ball pen and a black sharpie.
I used to draw with this pen way back in high school. It's a simple pen but it gives you the ability to do thick and thin lines and it can be bought at just about any office supply store or supermarket stationary aisle. It's always been one of my favorite simple drawing tools.

*A friend of mine noted to me that I should point out that this drawing was done completely free-handed. I did not use any rulers, straight-edges, stencils, etc. So every line was drawn with only my hand. Including those  bazillion straight parallel rendering lines.

Wolverine and Sentinels ©Marvel Comics.

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